The WELL email server has moved

WELL's email has been relocated outside of Central Office, and onto more secure and robust infrastructure in order to provide an improved mail service to WELL staff and agents.

You will have received via email containing your new username and password for the new mail system (which you can find in the old webmail system). You may access the old webmail system by using the button at the bottom of this page. 

How to access to your email 

You can easily reconfigure Outlook yourself. If you can not or do not want to use Outlook, you must use the "NEW webmail" (button).

It is highly recommended that you bookmark the new webmail, log in and set up a short version of your signature NOW. This will provide "backup" should you have any issues with configuring Outlook, until we can get around to assisting you.

The follow simple HOWTO's are here for you to configure your Outlook and mobile device.

Potential problems as we transition

I appreciate some of these changes may be disruptive to your working day, but with your help we can get this done as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Please note, the old webmail system does not receive any new email, and is for archival purposes only for a short period after the migration.